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Chelsea Parmenter and Monique Schraven have set up a mobile bartending business after loosing their jobs due to COVID-19.
Camera IconChelsea Parmenter and Monique Schraven have set up a mobile bartending business after loosing their jobs due to COVID-19. Credit: Holly Thompson/ Sound Telegraph/Picture: Holly Thompson

After losing their jobs during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, two women decided to take their careers into their own hands and start up a bartending business.

Chelsea Parmenter and Monique Schraven now co-own Shaken and Stirred Mobile Bartenders, after working in the hospitality industry for many years.

“We have worked together since we were about 16 — we started out in a bowling alley, and this idea is something we have spoken about on and off for years and years,” Ms Parmenter said.

“COVID-19 hit and for the first time in about 10 years we found ourselves out of work.

“We decided creating this business was either now or never.”

Ms Parmenter said they “made the drinks and provided the personality to go with it”.

“We get some banter going and provide some entertainment alongside some really good drinks,” she said.

Ms Scharven said they had decided they did not want to continue working for people who did not have the same level of passion as they did. “We wanted to bring something different to the table and showcase ourselves for a change and also get our identities back after having kids and all that,” she said.

“It doesn’t feel like work to us. We love what we do now.”

“We figured house parties should start to make a comeback now alongside other events, so it was perfect timing.”

They said setting up a business during a global pandemic had been stressful but fun and motivating at the same time.

“It’s been a learning experience, finding suppliers and dealing with the little hiccups along the way. For example we got the bar and it wasn’t quite right so we had to get that fixed,” Ms Parmenter said. “When you work for someone else behind the bar, you know what you’re doing but when you actually have to promote yourself and find the clients, it’s different.”

Ms Scharven said the pair had joined the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce, which had helped them network.

“Everyone we work with is really passion-driven and it has been a great support for us,” she said.

The pair have organised an official launch on August 29 from 6pm-9pm at McLarty Hall in Shoalwater.

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