Mandurah postcode of 6210 leading WA for super-fast broadband sign-ups

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VideoTwo million households will be able to gain access to ultra-fast internet under a $4.5 billion upgrade to the national broadband network

Perth’s southern suburbs are leading the way in the need for internet speed, with more people in Mandurah signing up for super-fast broadband plans than anywhere else in WA.

The 6210 postcode heads the list of the State’s top five areas for faster broadband adoption, with new figures showing the number of WA homes hooked up to download speeds of 100 Mbps or higher surging by 132 per cent in 2020.

Download speeds of 100 Mbps or higher mean albums can be downloaded in seconds, and HD-quality movies in just a few minutes.

Jandakot and Atwell (6164) took up second place in terms of high-speed demand, with Wanneroo and Wangara (6065) coming in at third.

Armadale and Brookdale (6112) then Joondalup and Connolly (6027) rounded out the top five.

The WA suburbs jumping on faster broadband (Postcode / suburbs included)

6210 - Mandurah, Dudley Park

6164 - Jandakot, Atwell

6065 - Wanneroo, Wangara

6112 - Armadale, Brookdale

6027 - Joondalup, Connolly

NBN Co spokeswoman Jane McNamara said nationally, 70 per cent of NBN customers were now connected to plans with peak download speeds of 50 Mbps or higher — while more than 16 per cent were connected to plans that delivered at least 100 Mbps.

“We expect this trend to continue to 2021 as people continue to adopt new connected devices and entertainment subscriptions and aim to optimise the online experience for everyone at home,” she said.

“With more devices online at once, a faster broadband plan can help improve experience for the connected household.”

Meanwhile, findings from the Telsyte Australian Digital Consumer Study have revealed the top five reasons Australians sign up for super-fast broadband speeds:

  1. To access more online applications simultaneously
  2. They are spending more time streaming online video entertainment
  3. To stay connected with friends and family
  4. For streaming video in the highest quality eg 4K
  5. Because they are spending more time working from home

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