Ukraine crisis: Chaos in Kyiv as tank flattens elderly man’s civilian car

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Miriam FisherThe West Australian
VideoBystanders rescue man after car is crushed by Russian tank


An elderly Ukrainian driver has miraculously survived a horrific ordeal after his car was flattened by a tank.

In footage taken in the country’s capital of Kyiv, the man is seen driving down a motorway when the rapidly-advancing tank - driving in the wrong direction - swerves across the lanes and hits the car head-on.

The chaotic scenes show the armoured vehicle driving over the top of the car, flattening it like a tin can, as shocked onlookers can be heard screaming and crying in the background.

The heavy-duty tank remains motionless on top of the car before reversing back over it, leaving little hope for the driver’s survival.

In an incredible act of bravery amid desperate times, stunned bystanders can then be seen leaping to action in an effort to rescue the elderly man using whatever they can find to free him.

The man is pulled from the wreckage - miraculously alive and conscious.

The man’s condition remains unknown, but the car is destroyed well beyond repair.

While authorities from the clashing countries were reported to have made diplomatic overtures towards an attempt to quell the conflict as early as Saturday morning, violent scenes such as these continue to play out in the streets of Kyiv removing all hope of a ceasefire.

Terrified residents have been forced to take cover as Russian militants storm the city as the bitter battle to topple the Ukrainian capital enters its third day.

Civilians have been urged by authorities to “take power into your own hands” and defend their city and their lives, including being given details on how to make petrol bombs.

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