War Games in Rockingham skies

Sound Telegraph

The skies above Rockingham will come to life this month, as the Australian Defence Force conducts a training exercise across Perth and the South West.

The exercise will involve army helicopters with flights set to occur in all conditions during afternoons and evenings.

Flights will generally finish by 11.30pm, with some flight paths lower than usual.

The routine training exercise is designed to provide a realistic test of ADF skills, working together with State and Federal agencies in the form of emergency response scenarios.

Police and relevant State and Federal authorities are fully aware and involved in the training.

A spokesman for the ADF said it would make every effort to minimise the disruption to local residents and business while providing realistic training for its members and State authorities.

Measures would include rotating training between different areas and wherever possible using training venues only once during the training period.

The training is planned extensively, is conducted with a number of safeguards and ultimately poses no threat to public safety.

The ADF said residents should not be concerned if they see or hear the activities occurring.

Rockingham is home to HMAS Stirling, the primary base on the west coast for the Royal Australian Navy.

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