Red Cross recognises veteran blood donor’s commitment

Pierra WillixSound Telegraph
Wayne Goodsell has been donating blood for 50 years.
Camera IconWayne Goodsell has been donating blood for 50 years. Credit: Pierra Willix

After an accident at age 19 left him needing a significant amount of blood, Wayne Goodsell has spent the past 50 years giving back as a way of acknowledging the people who helped him.

Last week, Mr Goodsell marked 50 years of donating his blood to the Red Cross and urged others to do their bit to help.

“It’s a gift everyone has the ability to give and it is really just the right thing to do,” he said.

Blood Service spokeswoman Jessica Willet congratulated Mr Goodsell on his donation milestone.

“It takes an incredible amount of dedication to continue to donate blood for 50 years,” she said.

“Wayne recently gave his 425th donation, which means he has helped save the lives of 1275 people during his blood-donation career.”

Mr Goodsell is one of just 20 WA blood donors whose donated plasma is used to make lifesaving Anti-D injections for the 17 per cent of Australian pregnant women with a negative blood type.

“Anti-D prevents the mother’s blood from harming her baby in utero when their blood types are incompatible, and protects them from haemolytic disease of the newborn, which can cause severe anaemia and stillbirth,” Ms Willet said.

“It’s thanks to donors like Wayne that thousands of women across Australia have been gifted the happiness of bringing healthy babies into the world.

“Wayne has literally been saving the lives of the local community for five decades.”

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