Couple’s acceptance plea

David SalvaireSound Telegraph

While marriage isn’t on the cards any time soon for Marnie Williams and Honor Steinbeck, the Baldivis couple say the option to tie the knot would make a world of difference.

The pair have been dating for more than two years and have built a life together with their two dogs, Charlie and Delta, and cat Bowie.

Since a chance meeting at choir practice brought them together, Ms Williams and Ms Steinbeck have been strong voices for marriage equality within the Rockingham community.

While they have enjoyed the support of friends and family, Ms Williams said the tone of the debate around same-sex marriage in recent months had been disappointing.

“It’s hard to go on social media and see the comments and you can’t really avoid it because it’s everywhere at the moment,” she said.

“Some aspects of the debate where same-sex marriage is linked to bestiality or child abuse is so offensive and really disappointing. We just want to be seen as equal members of our community but while we can’t get married, it feels like society is saying we’re lesser than everyone else.”

This month, Australians will be asked to vote on whether or not they believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in a non-binding postal survey.

After the Federal Government announced the survey last month, the issue has dominated headlines across the country. Ms Steinbeck said having her personal life discussed in an ongoing national conversation had been uncomfortable.

“It’s certainly not something that we hoped for,” she said.

“We were against the plebiscite from the beginning, mostly because we don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business ... it’s about acceptance and feeling like we belong and deserve the same rights as everyone else.

“We just hope that our politicians get on with it.”

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