City of Rockingham flags new entry statement proposal

Stuart HortonSound Telegraph
The entry statement on Kulija Road.
Camera IconThe entry statement on Kulija Road.

City of Rockingham is seeking to develop a series of uniform entry statement signage designs for major routes in and out of Rockingham.

The City has tabled a report for the council to consider approving new entry statement designs for Safety Bay, Mandurah and Patterson roads in line with the existing design on Kulija Road.

The City has four primary entry roads — Patterson, Kulija, Safety Bay and Mandurah roads — and the officer’s report calls the existing entry statements on Patterson and Mandurah road dated and suffering from a clutter of competing signs.

Entry statements are an important element of branding and place making for local governments that provide a sense of community, reflect the values attached to local government and offer an introduction to what makes the area unique.

“Each entry road currently has a different entry statement approach — from the elevated and distinctive signage and landscaping treatment on Kulija Road to no signage on Safety Bay Road,” the report says.

It also says the Kulija Road entry statement — a series of steel pillars adorned with the City’s little penguin emblem — meets the City’s branding and place-making objectives, and proposes the new entry statements for the other locations be variants to suit each location.

If approved by the corporate and community development committee, the item will go before the council for a vote at its final meeting of 2018 on Tuesday, December 18.

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