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The new initiative should help catch car thieves.
Camera IconThe new initiative should help catch car thieves. Credit: Sophie Elliott

Rockingham police have come up with a new initiative aimed at catching car thieves, after a reported 22 per cent jump in stolen vehicles from January last year.

Operation Pegboard will begin this week, increasing police presence on our roads and setting up vehicle control points to help catch people driving stolen vehicles.

Rockingham police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Neville Beard said police aimed to increase visibility in areas where theft was high.

“We are putting more police officers into the shopping centre carparks, as well as some beachfront carparks,” he said.

“We have identified that these places have the greatest risk of theft.”

Over the next few months, Rockingham police will be on the roads more often during the peak time cars get stolen, which is late in the evenings on the weekends.

They will also be stopping a few cars along main roads throughout the day in order to catch thieves.

Sen. Sgt Beard said people needed to be extra vigilant in shopping centre and beach front carparks, to make it tougher for potential thieves, who he described as “opportunistic.”.

“We are getting quite a few scooters being stolen as well, about 30 to 35 per cent of all vehicles reported stolen are scooters,” he said. “Essentially they are not being secured properly, I would encourage people to look into the different safety devices you can buy.

“Also if you can park in well-lit or well-populated areas there is less chance of a vehicle being stolen.”

With a high volume of number plates also being stolen from the same areas, Sen. Sgt Beard also suggested people invest in anti-theft screws.

“The council does have static cameras in place which is good, but you really want to take every step to prevent your vehicle being stolen altogether, so take every opportunity you can to achieve this,” Sen. Sgt Beard said.

“It is clearly an issue at the moment so it is important to be aware of it.”

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