Cans for Change call-out

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Laura Ives and T-J Richardson.
Camera IconLaura Ives and T-J Richardson.

A Wandi resident has called for the community to donate their used cans in an effort to raise money to purchase a new cortisol pump, through the Containers for Change Scheme.

T-J Richardson lives with Addison’s Disease, alongside others such as osteoporosis, Elhers-Danlos and Sjogren’s, and uses a Medtronic Insulin Pump to manage the condition.

She said because she is not using it for Diabetes, she has to pay for the pump outright with no support from the Government or the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

“We have to get the pump privately, we have paid I think $8597 outright. I also have to pay between $400 to $1000 per week for all the consumable medications I need,” Ms Richardson said.

“I am not asking for money. I am asking for people to donate their recycling to either my home or Containers for Change using my barcode, C10338250.”

Ms Richardson will also be using the pull tabs off the cans so she can continue to run metalwork classes for economically disadvantaged LGBT+ youths in need of a safe space.

“People can drop the cans at my house or we can come and pick them up,” she said.

“The aluminium tabs, because they do not get recycled through the scheme we are using them in the workshops to teach a whole bunch of kids some awesome skills.

“As members of the medieval community we would be building swords, shields and things like that in the classes.”

Ms Richardson will be hosting a garage sale through the Garage Sale Trail at the weekend, selling mostly medieval clothing and costume pieces at her address in Honeywood Estate.

She said she encouraged the community to come along to the sale and bring along their used cans and pull tabs as well.

“We are running the sale from 9am till 5pm and we are hoping to raise awareness for the Containers for Change initiative as well,” she said.

“We are inviting everyone to come down, get rid of their stuff, donate their cans and overall reduce their waste.”

For more information on Ms Richardson and her efforts or to donate, visit

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