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Sea Bird ecologist Dr Nic Dunlop will speak at the exhibition and seminar.
Camera IconSea Bird ecologist Dr Nic Dunlop will speak at the exhibition and seminar.

Rockingham Clean State group are calling for prompt action on climate change to protect Rockingham's birds.

The group will host a seminar in conjunction with a Green Art exhibition at the Rockingham Art Centre from 12.20am on Saturday, February 22.

The exhibition will feature work by Rockingham artist Barb Green with paintings and sculptures of four Rockingham birds threatened by climate change including the penguin, the fairy tern, the red-capped plover and the pied oyster catcher, who all breed on or close to the beach and are threatened by sea level rise.

Sea Bird ecologist Dr Nic Dunlop will also speak at the event about his research on sea birds, which he has been studying since 1978, and the various ways they are affected by climate change.

In August last year the State Government released a comprehensive report outlining the scope and scale of coastal erosion from sea level rise across WA.

Rockingham town site was identified as one of the State’s 50 hotspots for coastal erosion by sea level rise. Rockingham townsite was given a medium chance of being inundated within five years and a high chance of being inundated between 5 and 25 years.

Rockingham Clean State member Paddy Cullen said the groups campaign was not about protesting, but forming “a support group for change”.

“It’s not a protest, it’s a call for greater action from ordinary people who see amazing potential for jobs and growth area of renewable energy,” he said.

“Most of our supporters are retirees and grandparents who want their children to have a real future.

“They are worried about Rockingham losing its coast, beaches, wildlife, infrastructure and way of life as sea levels rise, and they see a real future in a renewable energy economy.”

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