Spotlight on local truckies


Police were not surprised by the 48 charges laid as a result of their annual Austrans Operation targeting trucks during May.

Peel Traffic in conjunction with Main Roads and the Department of Mines and Explosives randomly stopped trucks at Kwinana near Thomas Road, and on both the South West and Forrest highways. Sen-Sgt Stuart Mearns from Peel Traffic said it was disappointing that infringements were issued.

‘‘Our focus is on all road users. The charges were disappointing, but not surprising considering the sheer volume of trucks on our roads,’’ he said.

‘‘The majority of drivers comply with the expectation of doing the right thing, including consistently keeping their vehicles roadworthy.’’

The operation checks trucks of all sizes for roadworthiness, complying with weights and measures, secure loads and drivers’ licences, and does breath tests.

Austrans also checks the security and safety of dangerous goods vehicles.

Sen-Sgt Mearns said between the three locations, 246 heavy vehicles were checked and the charges laid included traffic infringements and permit breaches such as overloaded vehicles.

There were also two possession of drugs charges laid.

At the Kwinana location, police stopped 102 trucks, resulting in 13 compliance orders being issued and a number of infringements for offences including vehicles exceeding load dimensions for weight and length, licence breaches and poorly secured loads.

Police said 53 drivers were breath-tested, all of whom returned negative readings.

Police described the results as good, though the number of defects was a concern.

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