Greens’ Jecks aims to block Liberal Senate control

Sound Telegraph

Greens Brand candidate Dawn Jecks is confident of retaining the 14.74 per cent vote she polled at the 2010 election and help her party retain its WA Senate seat.

Ms Jecks said she was concerned if Tony Abbott was prime minister on Sunday morning, he could also be given control of the upper house.

“The importance of getting the WA Greens senator elected is to stop Tony Abbott getting control of both houses of Parliament,” she said.

“The last time the Liberals had control of both houses of parliament we had work choices and we want to make sure Tony Abbott can’t ram through whatever legislation he wants without scrutiny.”

Ms Jecks hit out at the big spend of Labor and Liberal in the electorate in the past few months, claiming voters had been inundated with election advertising material.

“It’s very hard to compete with the millions (of dollars) which has been firebombed into Brand, clearly funded by the big corporate donations, big business and big tobacco the Liberal Party receive,” she said.

“It’s very hard to get our message and compete with that, and it’s disappointing because the Greens have fully costed and comprehensive policies and I’m yet to see any sort of detail from the Liberal Party, all I’m seeing is slogans, no detail.”

Following the collapse of the Green vote at the March State election, Ms Jecks believed this would not be repeated this Saturday.

“It’s a completely different set of issues,” she said. “We’ve also seen what the Liberals have done at a State level so hopefully that will be a warning to voters — when Liberals talk savings, that means cuts.”

Ms Jecks said her major concern for Brand voters was neither Labor nor Liberal had released an affordable living plan.

“If you look at the numbers, that is one of the biggest issues in Brand and it’s disappointing all the oxygen has been given to stop the boats and the much bigger threat is people struggling to pay their mortgage or their rent,” she said.

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