Author’s epic debut

ARRAN MORTONSound Telegraph

It began as a hypothetical discussion with friends about World War II history, but quickly turned into an obsession for Rockingham father-of-two Darren Mellowship.

Now, three years on, the self-confessed history fanatic has completed his first novel, Tragedy in Konigsberg.

The former Tranby College student said he had always been interested in alternative histories and based his first novel on what might have happened had a little-known late 1940s French Prime Minister come to power during the conflict.

He said the project began with an alternative history timeline and quickly grew into his first full-length work.

“It started as a bit of an intellectual exercise with friends — a debate about when the last possible opportunity existed to stop Hitler,” he said.

“Wisdom suggests it was in 1938, shortly after the Anschluss with Austria, but I believe opportunities existed throughout the first two weeks of the war.

“Hitler was something of a political genius and built the whole campaign on a charade. He had just 100 pieces of aged artillery and, if the allies had called his bluff sooner, the war may never have happened.”

Mr Mellowship said Tragedy in Konigsberg was set 17 years after WWII, in a world where the Holocaust had not happened, fascism had not been discredited and Israel had not been created.

He said the book, which he completed last month thanks to encouragement from his wife Kath, appealed to a “niche within a niche” and was available from Amazon or via

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