Australian passport given sixth-worst value for money ranking in world: travel study

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Australia's passport has been rated one of the least valuable in the world, with a new study placing sixth-last in a survey of 48 countries.

Travel package website ParkSleepFly analysed the best and worst value for money passports from 48 countries across the globe, factoring in the cost and power (the number of countries the holder can visit visa-free or with a visa on arrival) of the passport.

Australia came in as the sixth-worst value for money passport with a passport value score of only 2.56/10.

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Camera IconAn Australian passport is the sixth-least valuable passport in the world, a new travel survey has found. iStock Credit: istock

Our country’s passport finished behind Romania, with a value score of 2.77/10, and the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, which has a score of 2.66/10.

Australia had the equal best mobility score of the bottom 10 at 146, with the holder able to travel to 103 countries visa-free and to 53 where a visa is required on arrival.

But the Australian passport was the third-most expensive out of the 48 countries examined, only finishing behind France and the worst value for money passport, Liechtenstein.

Lichtenstein (1.06), San Marino (1.92), Mexico (1.92), Canada (2.13) and Chile (2.13) are the only countries that finished with a worse passport value score than Australia.

The United Arab Emirates (10), Sweden (8.94), South Korea (7.98) and Spain (7.87) finished with the best passport value scores due to their cost in combination with the number of countries the holder could visit.

Originally published as Australian passport given sixth-worst value for money ranking in world: travel study

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